The coronavirus pandemic, closure of community centers and pools, and cancellation of recreation activities have created a multi-million dollar deficit for Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R). 

Measure 26-213 is essential to restore these cuts, re-open community centers and pools, and provide the recreation services we all count on – just at the moment when local families need them most. 

Without this levy, PP&R will face considerable challenges to maintaining playgrounds, community centers, and restrooms, and will struggle to overcome the COVID-related deficit in time to restore recreation services for summer 2021

In addition to mitigating the revenue impact of COVID-19, a stable source of parks funding will provide long-term benefits to the community.

Before the coronavirus crisis, PP&R was evaluating options for long term sustainable funding—including a levy—to better maintain the city’s parks, watersheds, and natural areas, and improve access to recreation programs for Portlanders, by fixing Parks’ long-standing and inequitable reliance on fees. Removing fees will increase access to recreation opportunities for children and seniors, communities of color, refugees and immigrants, and families experiencing poverty.

Now, more than ever, we need the physical and emotional benefits of our parks, natural spaces and recreation programs. All Portlanders deserve safe, well-maintained parks and affordable access to recreation facilities and programs. 

Vote YES on the proposed levy to maintain our parks and natural areas, restore vital recreation services, and create the equitable park system that our community deserves.